This is what the plan was, spread coronavirus in the whole world: Harbhajan Singh lashes out at China

Veteran India spinner Harbhajan Singh lashed out at China for spreading coronavirus in the world and called them power hungry in his latest social media post.

As the world grapples to come to terms with the growing threat of the novel coronavirus outbreak, veteran India spinner Harbhajan Singh has chosen to direct his anger at neighbours China.

In the latest tweet on his official handle, Harbhajan has blamed “the Chinese people” for putting the “world at risk” by spreading coronavirus while raising questions regarding their economy.

Harbhajan retweeted a story titled “China reports no new coronavirus cases for May 28” and called them power hungry for ‘speading coronavirus in the whole world and making their economy powerful by selling PPE kits and masks.

“This is what the plan was.. spread this corona virus in the whole world.. while everyone suffer with this they sit happy and watching..making PPE kits,mask etc for the whole world and making their economy powerful ???? #powerhungry,” Harbhajan tweeted.

According to the story tweeted by Harbhajan Singh, “China reported no new confirmed coronavirus cases in the mainland as of the end of May 28, down from two a day earlier, the country’s health authority said on Friday.

The National Health Commission also confirmed five new asymptomatic coronavirus cases on May 28, down from 23 a day earlier.”

Earlier, former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar had lashed out at China for the spread of coronavirus, attacking them for ‘eating anything and everything.’ In his official Youtube channel, Akhtar hadsaid that he was ‘really angry’ and the Chinese have put the world at stake.

“I don’t understand why you have to eat things like bats, drink their blood and urine and spread some virus across the globe I’m talking about the Chinese people. They have put the world at stake. I really don’t understand how can you eat bats, dogs, and cats. I’m really angry,” Akhtar said.

Source: India Today

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