Swarms of locust attack vast areas in Gurgaon, strong winds aid fast movement of locusts

Huge swarms of locust have now reached Gurgaon and covered large tracts of the region in Haryana. Several areas in Gurgaon saw swarms of locust covering the skies on Saturday.

Various parts of Gurgaon, including the plush residential complexes were covered by swarms of locust as residents of these highrise buildings started sharing images and videos of the locust attack.

Even the busy MG Road and IFFCO Chowk areas of Gurgaon have been covered with locust swarms. DLF Phase I-IV, Village Chakkarpur, Sikandarpur and Sukhrali areas in Gurgaon were also covered in locust swarms.

Authorities in Sonepat have issued an alert for farmers warning of locust attacks.

Locals in Gurgaon have now resorted to banging utensils, tin, bursting crackers and making loud noises in all possible ways to scare the locust swarms away.

Strong winds are further aiding the movement of locusts as the swarm attack continues for over an hour in large parts of Gurgaon.

Locust attacks were reported from Bhigarh Kheri, Rajendra Park, Surat Nagar, Laxman Vihar and Daulatabad Flyover in Gurgaon. Residents of DLF Phase 2 shared images and videos of locust swarms covering the skies on Saturday morning.

Locals in Gurgaon have complained that the administration did not give any warning or issue advisories on the locust attack. Gurgaon residents were caught unawares on Saturday as the locust swarms swept the skies.

Locust attacks were also reported in other villages and districts of Haryana on Saturday. Jhazzar district of Haryana also reported locust attacks.

Videos and images of locusts buzzing on the Gurgaon skies have now flooded Twitter. Gurgaon is the fist upscale urban area that has come under locust attack after the swarms flooded crops in villages of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and other north Indian states.

Source: India Today

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