From struggling to get 1 customer for 3 months to scaling to 200 customers in a year. Learn how this Startup was able to do so.

Opening a startup that provides digital services to clients in Belgaum, a Tier II city in India, wasn’t a cakewalk for Sarvesh Kakkeri and his business partner Shivani Jadhav. The duo had a tough initial period getting clients on board. Starting a business venture in tier2 city is very challenging compared to metro cities in India. There are difficulties in finding properly skilled talents to work with, the client’s payments are always due and never on time, its very difficult in convincing the business owners from tier2 cities to move their business on a digital platform, where they have been practicing their traditional business techniques for decades! But As they say, for every problem there is a solution! In the same way, it is possible to build a successful startup in a tier2 city.

Stuck with inertia from their traditional practices, most business owners in Belgaum didn’t see the value in taking their business digital. As a consequence, Cubiccode struggled to get their initial break. “When we started in May 2016, we weren’t able to capture a single client until mid-August,” says Sarvesh.

Realizing they would soon face the reality of going under if they didn’t change their strategy, they tweaked their pitches, lowered costs, provided incentives and became digital evangelists. Today, they have a roster of 200+ clients, not just from Belgaum but from all across India and the world. And they aim to serve over 300 clients before the year is done.

Cubiccode Digital Media LLP is a web+app development and a digital media startup which has served over 200+ clients across India and Abroad. Currently, Cubiccode serves in 14 different cities in India.

Cubiccode provides numerous digital solutions for clients of all sizes across different sectors, ranging from small businesses to global corporations. Right from the start to the finish, our customized online solutions and web solutions are targeted towards only one goal: enhancing the online presence of our customers and making their business thrive to the core.

Due to such an impressive wide portfolio, Cubiccode got recognized in Top 10 web development start-ups of the year 2019 by Silicon India. Cubiccode was also awarded the title of Most Outstanding Web Development Company 2019 – Karnataka at AI Global Excellence Awards 2019.

Beginning from the Tier- 2 city like Belgaum, it was never an easy task to start-up, we have seen a lot of businesses struggling to sustain in the market, we have seen businesses shutting down, even today we can count IT/ digital media companies in Belgaum on our fingertips that are the condition of IT/ digital media companies in Belgaum. Due to this unstable behavior or negative environment of companies, the ones who suffer are the clients and employees of the firm. Other challenges we faced were the businesses in Belgaum were not interested to move towards the digital platforms, they were happy with their traditional practices, it used to take a lot of effort to convince them to give us a chance to prove ourselves right.

So how were we able to achieve it?

We feel that you can only sustain in the digital media market and grow if you come up with creative and valuable content. As a digital media agency, it is important to understand what people/ audience would like to see when they are on social media or a blog or a website. And your content should be according to it. We invest heavy time brainstorming before we start any campaign, as of how the user experience should be? Who would be our target audience?  How would they interact with our content? Which marketing sequence can we follow in order to convert the lead into a potential customer? How do we remarket for potential leads, how can the budget effectively utilized, etc…. there are many such questions which are discussed by the team before starting with the client’s projects? According to the points discussed we design a strategy that benefits the business.

And that is how we made it possible! A little better approach, that made all the difference! These days, every small enterprise wants websites, apps and want to promote themselves on digital platforms. Companies like Cubiccode, plan, strategize and execute such projects for a very affordable cost. Miss. Shivani Jadhav, Business Development Head of Cubiccode says: “These small businesses are the true employers in India as these businesses employee close to 90% of India’s workforce.”

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