Amar Canvas: Globalizing dreams.

Our society to a great extent was successful in implanting in the minds of the young generation that one can pursue Art as a hobby but not as a full-time profession. It was pathetic to see talented artists choosing other professions in order to meet their daily needs while many budding artists were facing economic hardships in their life just because they decided to follow the passion. The founders of Amar Canvas noticed this trend and decided to build something which will not only help to sell and receive a fair price for their products but also encourage others to confidently convert their artistic passion into a profession.

The market for the artist is highly informal in nature. Artists are struggling to sell their artworks at a reasonable price and often have to shell out hefty commissions or percentage from their profit to push sales of their product. However one will be terribly wrong if he assumes that there is a poor demand for art products. In fact, art lovers who are often busy with other things in their life are unable to figure out places which can give them an option to choose while purchasing and allow them to purchase creative genuine products without having to shell out commissions for the middlemen. Amar Canvas team also noticed that many artists, especially in the rural area, we’re totally clueless on how to sell their artworks beyond their local market when there is a tremendous demand for good artwork in the global market.

Amar Canvas, therefore, intends to create a revolution by bridging this demand-supply gap in the Artwork market. Amar Canvas is providing a web platform where artists can register online (free of cost) from the comfort of their house and display their products along with their price tag to the global audience. The best part is that the company neither charges registration fees nor charges any commission from the artist. They are free to set the price of their product and collect the same once the product is sold. Not only this, but they will also get a free online portfolio to showcase their work globally. Customers who will now be able to purchase from a wide variety of products will now have those delivered directly from the artists’ studio to the customer’s house by our renowned delivery partners in return for a nominal convenience fee. Amar Canvas is also providing a note from the artist of the particular art product describing the details of the artistic perspectives and also the technical details of that product.

Amar Canvas has already successfully created a movement through which an online art community of 31K+ people has been created within a few months and has also successfully conducted artist meet-ups in various districts of West Bengal.

The founders of the company Mr. Rahul Basak (CEO, TEDx and JOSH TALK Speaker) and Mr. Amit Kumar Mahishya Das (COO) said to us that, “India is always been known as the art hub to the rest of the world but when they see the artists and artisans around them, especially the amateur ones are not getting the proper attention and the modern facilities to grow themselves and showcase their artwork for the rest of the world, they find it frustrating and they wanted to help them with the modern technology and after that, they created Amar Canvas which is now Registered (®) and a unit of ADRB Art Private Limited. And they also said very soon they will open the opportunity for the artists to sell their artwork to the International level, seating from their home only.”

Source:The Intellectual Indian

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